Passing by the University of Hong Kong Visitor Centre, students in distinctive and various traditional costumes were seen in graceful movements along with captivating music, following the dance of a woman dressed in a colorful floral Hawaiian skirt. Twenty-five HKU students joined a grand international parade: the First International Aloha Festival of Project Aloha to showcase and promote different cultures including Hawaiian culture through dancing and … Continue reading

Beer Culture in Germany

Stretching across the European continent, Germany is beautiful country of deep valleys, mountains, plains and coastlines. Over the centuries, as small villages grew into prosperous cities, modern-day metropolises like Berlin and Frankfurt were developing their own unique customs. But none are as well-known as Munich’s annual celebration to ring in the autumn: Oktoberfest. Nowadays, it is celebrated not only throughout Germany, but around the world. … Continue reading Beer Culture in Germany

5 delicious food you should try in Mandalay

Mandalay is located in upper part of Myanmar and the city’s food is focused on street-food and traditional tea house. Mandalay has a variety of delicious Burmese traditional food. I have been to Mandalay for 2 or 3 times in my life and one of the reasons I really enjoy visiting Mandalay is because of its food. Here’s an insider’s guide to 5 delicious food … Continue reading 5 delicious food you should try in Mandalay

Street Performance in Mongkok

Once it turns dark, Mong Kok becomes lively with all kinds of street performers. Around 7-8 p.m., street performers transform street into giant stage and attract all the visitors who come there mostly for shopping You can see a lot of performance on the street :  from traditional Chinese Dance of lively aunties, elderly playing traditional musical instruments, to a guitar player singing songs.     … Continue reading Street Performance in Mongkok

Hidden Gem in Hong Kong

There are so many places in Hong Kong that you can explore. I usually go hiking or visit other islands during my weekends. I have been busy with my assignment and cannot go out a lot to enjoy the nature. Thanks to one of my friends who told me to get to Sai Wan Swimming Shed ( 西環泳棚) the hidden gem, which is located below Victoria Road … Continue reading Hidden Gem in Hong Kong

Top 5 things to do in Hong Kong Disney Land

There are so many places to visit in Hong Kong including islands, hiking places, famous restaurants, etc. I enjoy traveling and visiting a lot of famous places during my stay in HK. Visiting theme parks such as HK Ocean Park and Disney Land is one of the most popular activities for travelers. I don’t usually like visiting theme parks because it is very crowded and … Continue reading Top 5 things to do in Hong Kong Disney Land

Top 5 challenges faced by Tourism Industry in Hong Kong

Tourism industry (both inbound and outbound tourism) is one of the four pillar industries, including trading, and logistics, financial services, professional and producer services in Hong Kong.  However, over the past years, it has been facing challenges which overall have led to the decline in the number of visitors. Keep reading and you can explore 5 main challenges faced by Hong Kong tourism industry.  1. Lack of … Continue reading Top 5 challenges faced by Tourism Industry in Hong Kong

Escaping from the city: A day at Tai O Village

The Tai O Fishing Village is located in the Western coast of Lantau Island. It is a traditional fishing village with the traditional stilt houses predominant of the old Southern Chinese fishing villages. I visited Tai O village during reading week and I tried its cheap and delicious sea food at the traditional seafood market, wandered around stilt houses and enjoyed breathtaking view of its surrounding.        Continue reading Escaping from the city: A day at Tai O Village